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Logistics operator -> what is it, what functions does it have, roles, examples

 Logistics operator -> what is it, what functions does it have, roles, examples

What is it a logistic operator?

It is an organization that, on behalf of its client, coordinates the different parts of the supply chain (supply, transportation, storage and distribution and even certain activities of the production process) and organizes, manages and controls said operations using physical infrastructure, technology and own or external information systems.


Which functions has a logistic operator?

  1. Inventory management maintaining the balance between demand and supply.
  2. Storage and distribution: They organize and optimize space in warehouses to guarantee an effective flow of goods.
  3. Transportation: It involves coordinating by means of maritime, air or land transportation that the products reach their destination on time and safely.
  4. Customs management: For international operations, logistics operators are required to clear export if it leaves the country or import if it enters, for which they will need to request the shipper and/or provide the necessary documentation for each shipment.
  5. Cost optimization: Logistics operators look for the most economical and fastest route for each shipment to ensure efficiency in their clients' shipments and the reduction of transportation costs.
  6. Tracking and technology: Thanks to the tracking systems available by shipping companies (maritime shipments), airlines (air shipments), land carriers (road shipments), logistics operators can obtain updated information on the status of their clients' shipments. in real time.
  7. Customer service: The service depends on the incoterm negotiated by the client, but in any case the logistics operator will provide information on collection, dispatch, departure and arrival at destination in the case of export and arrival, dispatch and delivery in import case.

What roles does a logistics operator have?

The role of a logistics operator can be a national land carrier, manage the storage of its clients, customs agent, manager of air, sea and land shipments internationally.



Examples of a logistics operator:

The examples are from a transport company with its own fleet of trucks in the case of national or international land transport.

A customs agent to manage the clearance of international shipments.

Warehouse - (It can be customs, non-customs, for general cargo, perishable cargo, dangerous cargo, etc...)

IATA agent to manage air shipments.

Freight forwarder: You can manage maritime shipments either in full containers or groupage maritime (there are several types as indicated on our website) or by air.


World Ocean Cargo Iberica.



Helia Rocha

I have more than 13 years of experience in the freight forwarding sector and in World Ocean Cargo Ibérica, managing export, import and cross trades shipments, both sea, air and land. Thanks to having attended different international conferences and having worked directly with freight forwarders all over the world, I am familiar with international door to door logistics. Currently in the commercial position within the company and occasionally managing traffic issues.